Database development

Medical indemnity insurer

Reinsurance management database

Designed and developed a database to accurately identify reinsurance recoveries on very complex contractual arrangements.


The database allows timely recovery of reinsurance and provides validation of actuarial valuation. iBean continues to provide ongoing support and enhancements to the system.


Risk management database

Created a database to record and manage a multi-stage risk management application process. Database functions included process tracking, literature to members and reporting to allow discounts to be applied to successful applicants. The database defined all business rules and processes that ultimately allowed the system to be developed as a web application.


Provided accurate application tracking system
during transitional period. Ensured core system development was efficient and accurate due to definition of business rules and provision of system to test results against.


Project management database

iBean provided a system to manage and report on the progress of projects. The database provided traffic light reporting and tracking of budget and actual project costs.


The database has streamlined the management of numerous, concurrent projects. It continues to provide regular reporting to senior management
and Board.


Government insurer

Clinical panel database

Developed a database to record and manage a peer review process by medical professionals for patients with long term injuries.


iBean reduced administrative time on creating
month-end management reports from the previous Excel model. Simplified user interface for panel members and reduced technical support time and associated costs.


Public transport information provider

Call monitoring database

Designed and built a database to report and manage the contractual targets with an external call centre. The database was a quality call monitoring system that provided KPI reporting.


Provided timely, accurate KPI reports that allowed the service contract to be managed between two separate organisations. Managers were able to focus on key areas for improvement, rather than the administrative tasks of extracting the results.