Data analysis

Workforce solutions supplier

Review of corporate/regional structures and efficiency analysis

Performed a high level analysis of the existing corporate and regional structures to prepare for a new acquisition.


The analysis highlighted opportunities for improvement including profit performance, product mix, operating costs and revenue per staff member.


Large call centre

Base line costing - preliminary investigation

Completed a fact-finding and scoping exercise to determine the work involved in calculating charge back rates. The client planned to implement activity based costing for their IT services. Indicative costs were required to feed into the budgeting process.


iBean identified the resources required for the successful completion of a Baseline Costing and Charge Back system for the IT department. The final report included a recommended approach, project requirements, deliverables, gap analysis and
project plan.


Medical indemnity insurer

Management information system

Compiled and developed a suite of management reports required across all business units, senior management and the Board. Developed month-end and live reporting database for ongoing use.


The database provides regular and consistent reporting across all levels of the organisation.


System-generated customer communications

Developed and implemented standardised customer literature items within the core operating system. Items included standard letters and forms all with imbedded logic


iBean increased accuracy of communication sent to members and significantly reduced administrative time spent creating literature items.


Data analysis to support government submissions

Extracted, analysed, validated and massaged policy and claim data into various formats to support government submission and industry working groups. iBean created the tools to extract and analyse the data across multiple time periods.


Data submissions successfully supported government policy and legislation changes. Data extraction tools continue to be used regularly for ongoing submissions.